Victoria Tolstoganova: “I want to live my childhood again”

“Girl with character” is about her: a Moscow girl from a large family, she has already chosen a profession at 11 years old. And it turned out to be in a sniper accurate in its choice. Meeting with Victoria Tolstoganova – a talented actress, hard, enthusiastic, tender – just a modern woman.

Her car parks in the parking lot of our photo studio. The 34-year-old movie star opens the driver’s door-and for a minute a strange feeling of mistake arises: it cannot be, this is not it! A low, fragile girl in jeans, sneakers, without cosmetics (favorite everyday style) – and you can’t pay attention on the street. And after half an hour it is impossible to take her eyes off her: a nondescript “Figure without a face” transforms into a charming, bright, with a dazzling smile and a soft voice, who completely knows the price of an actress. Patiently, without a shadow of embarrassment, professionally – for which! – She poses for the cover of the magazine ..

It seems that nature has endowed this woman with the amazing property of Chameleon: she sculpts her different roles as if not from herself, but from some other, which is not related to her personality of the material. She is able to be persistent and timid, stiff and delicate, fearless and vulnerable. And turn into a dazzling beauty for her, it seems, and generally easier.

In the conversation, Vika makes the impression of a person strong, self -confident, always knowing well what and why does. The key here is the word – it is “doing”, because it works a lot, efficiently and enthusiastically. But at the same time knows how to prioritize in life. At the age of 33, having already won the reputation of a serious, promising actress, Vika gave birth to a daughter Barbara and, without hesitation, left the screen world for almost a whole year. And now, working at once in two projects and preparing for new ones, at the same time feels absolutely happy in the family circle – in its expression, “for discussing children’s poop”. Talented, in demand and famous, she is actively engaged in her beloved profession, values her husband and close friends, selflessly cares about a 10-month-old daughter and is not going to dwell on his achieved. Isn’t that every woman dreams of today?

Briefly and clearly

Where do you draw your energy from?

From everywhere: from friends, from books. From daughter and husband.

You play in life?

I hope no. There is no strength left for this.

Is there anyone who you would like to be like?

I never compare myself with anyone.

Do you know how to learn from other people’s mistakes?

No, unfortunately, I study only on my own.

If you had one more life ..

I would not have lived her in the same way, I would correct a lot.

You like it or, conversely, you are scared by the unknown?

I always kept telling that this is the most beautiful in life.

You are a leader or contemplator? Finish your goals or believe in fate?

I believe in fate and therefore try to achieve the desired. After all, fate goes to meet those who are acting.

Psychologies: In life, you do not build an image – avoid cosmetics, bright clothes. You do it consciously?

Victoria Tolstoganova: No, I do not do anything like that. In any case, I never “work for others”. For example, I do not care how someone will react to my outfit, if I myself like him. Although usually I listen to my husband’s opinion.

You feel beautiful?

IN. T.: You know, one day, when I was thirteen years old, I was driving in the subway. Long passing, looking at my reflection in black glass, for some reason I thought: “Wow, how beautiful I am!»Since then, it does not matter to me who and in what forms show interest in me. On the contrary, before marriage, as a rule, I myself paid attention to one or another “object”. And at the same time, she never attached greater importance to her own beauty than she deserves. After all, beauty is not an absolute value to anyone – except for magazines that specialize in fashion. In life, the concept of “beautiful man” involves not only attractive appearance, but also mind, goodwill, charm. By the way, this is why for me it does not matter how I look without cosmetics.

You once said that for you the main quality of a woman is femininity. What do you mean by this word?

IN. T.: This is an internal attitude towards the world, on harmony with people around. It implies some subtlety of perception, tenderness. But femininity does not mean weakness at all.

There is this quality in you?

IN. T.: I hope yes … although I often catch myself on male thoughts. I love men, I understand them very well and I know a lot about them – I know how it would be through myself, and not through their actions. By the way, in childhood, I shouted briefly and asked my grandmother to call me Vitya. And then she was terribly offended when she forgot and called Vika … But since I was not destined to be a man, then I’m not going to refuse the feminine. I am a very earthly person in this sense.

The man who lives in you along with a woman never conflicts with her?

IN. T.: They have, in my opinion, a novel! (Laughs.) As for human relations, I really like the classic combination of male and female principles. I like the installation of a woman – on femininity, and in a man – on the force that I want to obey.

In your environment there are women whom you could call an ideal from this point of view?

IN. T.: Of course, there is. Here, for example, for example … (laughs.) When you need to say urgently, you will never remember! Well, for example, my mother. Yes, she is certainly feminine.

You look like her?

IN. T.: I think no. She is better – a soft person, very responsive and thin. She dedicated to us all her life – her four daughters, and now my Barbara. She has a difficult life, but her boundless kindness and patience always surprised me, delighted me. I envy her qualities a little. I’m far from as patient as mom

Razmislite o nekome drugom tijekom seksa – ok. Pored toga, neki seksikolozi (u nekim slučajevima!) Također kamagra gel da, posebno muškarci s erektilnom disfunkcijom i ženama s Artegazijom. Možda će to biti scena iz porno filma, sjećanja na prvu ljubav, neugodni čovjek u trgovini ili kino zvijezdi. Nije važno je li samo uspjelo.


You like how she raised you?

IN. T.: Yes. In her upbringing, everything is based on an absolute understanding and dedication. Mom has never been strict, demanding on us. Is it correct? It seems to me that you can be more built for children. Although, probably, kindness is still much more important than any formal restrictions. At least, judging by my younger sisters who live now with my mother, they love her with some incredible love! Can not live without her a day. Mom worked for many years a nanny in one family. And the girl she raised there also calls her a “mother” and loves to death. But now I took and stole it from all my sisters! (Laughs.) I took it to me to live with my Varya while I shoot.

Despite the fact that you were brought up by your parents, you and your sisters seem to be not like?

IN. T.: We are so different. I am generally in our family – like a cut off. It so happened that between me and my second sister – nine years of difference. And between the next – only three years. They immediately got some kind of their own life. And I lived on my own. They did not demand any participation from me, and I did not really strive to help. I remember running a couple of times to the dairy kitchen – and that’s it. By the way, this is also one of the manifestations of the mother’s educational principle: let everyone go into free swimming. She never indicated: to do it only, and not otherwise. Everything will be different in my family, that’s for sure. (Laughs.) I already know what Vary’s duties will have!

Your father took part in the upbringing of daughters?

IN. T.: Dad loves kids: puppies, kittens and young children. And when the children grow up, he no longer quite understands what to do with them.

What about you from him?

IN. T.: Complex nature! (Laughs.) No, of course, we will not say that. I just have a character.

What is the best gave you to your parents?

IN. T.: It’s hard to say … As a child, I was always good, easy. It is remembered by pictures – here we are going for toys, here we ride a boat … There was attention, care … It was fun! Perhaps that is why, when the second sister was born, Valeria, I did not experience any jealousy. I just didn’t know what it was. And it’s not about the age difference – my sisters were never jealous of each other. Apparently, my mother was so dissolved in each of us that no one experienced a lack of love. And when the moment came – I just left home. I have become more interested in life behind its walls. I disappeared 24 hours a day in the theater studio, rehearsed, went on tour, and then entered the theater institute. Now, when I grew up, I seemed to return home again. We always maintained a connection with the sisters, but communication with my mother became closer with the birth of Vari. Now I need her help, support.

What do you want your daughter most?

IN. T.: So that she was healthy and happy. Was joyful and laughed with me all the time. I emphasize – with me! (Laughs.) The child must be filled with love so that he is calm and knew that he was not defenseless. Only love gives a feeling of freedom, strength, talent. Naturally, you need to give an education – although, in my opinion, this is a different conversation.

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