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Survey of American literature beginning with the period after the Civil War to the present. Major American writers in poetry, fiction, and drama will be read and discussed in relation to the development of intellectual thought and literary theory. Includes writers who reflect diverse voices (Native American, African American, Asian American, Latin American, etc.) who make America unique.

  • Focuses on being mentally prepared and to be able to cope emotionally with acts of violence.
  • Students will evaluate needs and develop an action plan of personal wellness.
  • Instruction including, but not limited to, introductory techniques in fibers, glass, and metal processes.
  • Basic processes and procedures of curating a fine art exhibition and managing exhibition space.

Emphasis is on students achieving entry-level proficiency in billing and coding medical records and physicians office diagnoses and procedures, and the application of policies, standards and guidelines. Learn laws and regulations governing preparation and use of medical records, ethical practice standards, fraud and abuse, and other medical ethical/legal issues. Introductory comparative study between U.S. culture and other cultures around the world through real conversation and interaction with people from around the world. Includes comparative research on an aspect of U.S. culture and another culture around the world, represented by someone in the class.

Music/Private Lessons – Piano

Students will work with the Academic Diversity Initiatives Lead in an independent study. Student will write a paper/response about diversity from three scholarly articles, a film, book, or speech/festival, event or performance that explores diversity. Students participating in workshops, series, and other special events through SCC’s Culinary & Agricultural Center can earn credit with department chair approval. Classroom sessions focus on internship reflection, industry-specific career development and planning skills, and preparation of a professional portfolio.

  • Focuses on practice of all four English Language skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in a specific area, such as business, culinaryskills, translation, education, etc.
  • Kofler, Georg & Sinnig, Julia, Equalization Taxes and the EU’s Digital Services Tax, 47 Int’l Tax Rev. 176 (2019)Google Scholar (concluding that tax treaties do not bar digital taxes).
  • Includes lectures, directed readings, writing, drawing, photography, and other creative projects as well as visits to important sites and artifacts.
  • Explores cultures of Central America and the Caribbean Basin in the context of a study tour (or study abroad) in one or more locations in that region of the world.

Emphasizes the competencies needed for preservice teachers that may apply to the teaching of any business course. Special emphasis placed on classroom management strategies, unit development, lesson planning, evaluation, and assessment option, along with other activities pertaining to the actual teaching experience. Examines the impact of culture on business practices and introduces the student to the management process in an international setting. Includes an examination of comparative systems and environmental conditions and their impact on management decisions.

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Peer leaders co-lead the creation and implementation of a community engagement project. This will involve planning before the week-long program in coordination with HYO faculty and staff and Honors Action Student Leadership Team. All leaders are expected to have read the Common Book before the program week. The heart of this course will be the study of the archetype of the hero’s quest in the mythology and literature of adventure. Students will study and discuss theories and practices of Adventure from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (literature, film, sociology, history, psychology, philosophy). Students will examine Scottish neighborhoods and communities, purposefully employing ‘engaged’ and interactive discussions and conversations with locals from a wide range of demographics, i.e. an ethnographic approach.

At the same time, anti-hybrid rules make defection by states in the second group ineffective. Coordinated unilateralism makes sense for policies that are known to be more effective if more states adopt them, including any policy that generates network effects. By facilitating rolling implementation, coordinated unilateralism also facilitates later cooperation by countries for whom the benefits of joining only marginally exceed the costs.

PSYCH 807 – Research Methods in Occupational Health Psychology

Focuses on practice of all four ESL skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in a specific area, such as business, culinary skills, etc. Emphasis on application of English skills in mock real-life situations that ESL students may encounter in chosen field. Culminating course for the A.A.S. for Paraprofessional degree. This course has been designed to acquaint students with the day-to-day realities of classroom life and expose them to various professional and instructional issues in order to provide a realistic understanding of being a Paraprofessional. Students will complete 45 practicum hours in PK-12 classrooms, in the community.

  • Students will be responsible for their own 8-10 megapixel adjustable digital camera minimum as well as other supplies.
  • Reading and discussion of literary forms such as the short story, the novel, poetry, and drama, with emphasis on common literary terminology.
  • Introduction to the basic units of grammar and an overview of fundamental grammatic concepts germane to teaching and learning present day English, with further application to languages far and wide.
  • An introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of costume design and construction for the stage.
  • 74 Anthony Faiola, For Starbucks in Britain, a Skinny Tax Bill?

It will also facilitate continued growth by requiring advanced problem-solving assignments in either medium. Introduction of departmental requirements, procedures, and opportunities. This spring semester offering is required for all art program majors or consent of instructor. The Bulgarian delegate’s complaint about the failure to capture input values is similar to modern complaints that states cannot tax companies that take advantage of contributions made by users of social media websites.

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The summative course in the four-semester Musicianship sequence, studying the language of music through notated, aural, and descriptive daily work. This semester is intended as a comprehensive look at music theory up to modern practices, an introduction to 18th-century counterpoint, and an exploration of personal and professional applications for Musicianship skills. Students will continue to develop their ability to discuss and describe music, both familiar and new, in written and spoken form. Music history is incomplete without an understanding of those transformational artists from the most recent century. Just as Bach, Beethoven, and Stravinsky wrote music that reflected and characterized their times, so Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and many more wrote and performed music that helps us understand the last 60+ years. Meant for non-music majors and minors, this course allows for students to take 0.5 credits of private study in the area of their choice, with approval of the instructor and based upon available load.

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Emphasis on human pathogens, infection, resistance, and immunity. Laboratory exercises reinforce lecture concepts and teach fundamental skills in microscopy, aseptic technique, isolation, and identification of microorganisms. Introduction to plant science and plant physiology spanning the areas of food, ornamental crops and sustainable agriculture. Provides opportunities for laboratory application of concepts of plant science using basic research and production practices in plant science.

Business Administration

Introduction to research techniques and seminar approved as integral part of scholarship. Students placed in participatory position in government office or community organization. Requires research paper relating to some aspect of internship. Begins with wave motion, but emphasis on electricity and magnetism. Three hours of lecture-recitation and two hours of laboratory per week. Examines the tension between Reason and Religion in the Western Tradition on the question of the good life from the Ancient World to the 21st Century.

110 Tax Humor Ideas

The course will explore Greek Culture from its earliest cyclic stories surrounding the fall of Troy, the advent of the Pre and Post Socratic thinkers, its formative poets and artists, and the various parts of its historic and linguistic record. Students can expect to experience how the Greeks approached life in ways different from every other ancient culture, engaging in the act of questioning received truths that transformed virtually every aspect of Greek society. This course is designed to advance student knowledge in the rapidly changing field of Geographic Information Science and Systems (GIS).

Leslie Hafner has served in senior leadership roles for multiple Tennessee governors and top lawmakers during an extensive career in and around state and local government. Having staffed campaigns in various positions since age 11, Leslie is native to the world of election analysis, political insight, booth-manning, and issue advocacy. Now retired, Ed has served on numerous nonprofit boards, including Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare as chairman, Duke University Divinity School, and Porter-Leath. He also serves on corporate boards including Consol Energy, W.M. Barr, and Infocare. Ed has been involved in fundraising for numerous political campaigns in Tennessee, including those of Senators Bill Frist, Fred Thompson, Bob Corker, and Lamar Alexander, and he is a former treasurer of the state Republican Party.